How to Care for Marble and Wood Benchtops

Care_for_Marble_and_Wood_Bench.jpgKitchens are incomplete without the trusted benchtops which provide adequate work surfaces for cooking and related processes and also add significantly to your overall kitchen décor. Two of the most popular materials for benchtops which homeowners love are marble and wood. While marble benchtops provide sturdiness and add a measure of cleanliness and brightness to your kitchen, wooden benchtops bring class and elegance to your kitchen’s style while still remaining highly functional in nature. Both marble and wooden countertops need proper maintenance and care to give you years of effective service. Here are a few care tips.


You need to protect marble surfaces from scratches and dents. To do this, make sure that you avoid contact with metallic objects and sharp edges. Use chopping boards for cutting and cork or wood mats while placing pots and pans on marble surfaces. Always be sure to promptly clean up any spills, particularly fruit juice or citrus juice spills. Periodically use coats of polish and sealant to keep your marble benchtop looking new and to protect it from exposure to water and oils.


Wooden surfaces are particularly prone to damage from water and heat. To prevent water damage, keep your wood benchtop surfaces properly sealed by using periodic coatings of wood sealant. Wipe up spills immediately and dry the surfaces properly. Avoid unprotected direct contact of hot pans and vessels with the benchtop surface. Steam can also cause damage to wooden benchtops and it is important to make sure that there is no exposure. Clean your wood benchtops regularly to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime and to prevent stains. Every once in a while, get a professional to properly service your wooden benchtops with thorough cleaning, polishing and coatings of high quality wood sealant to ensure long lasting service.

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