How to Plan an Office Fit out and latest Trends


Trends for office furniture and fittings keep changing frequently, with new ideas and dimensions coming in and concepts constantly changing. Planning an office fit out is certainly not an easy task as one has to always keep in mind the functional requirements that the office has, while also keeping abreast of the latest trends and concepts concerning corporate furniture. If you are planning an office fit out, it will serve you well to look into the latest trends and incorporate some of those ideas for your corporate space to end up with a more functional and better looking fit out. Some of the trends that you might consider are –

  1. With time, the workstation is getting smaller and smaller. With the advancements in technology, computers take up far less space, and we are gradually moving towards paperless operation in offices. This means that workstations can be smaller and still be as effective, leaving you extra floor space.

  2. Another important trend is that of the open office. The high partitions that we used to find an office spaces earlier are no longer in fashion. Instead, consider using low partitions or doing away with partitions altogether. Only use partitions where they are extremely important to the functionality of your corporate establishment. This aids in employee interaction and improves rapport.

  3. It's a good thing if your office fit out is an extension of your brand.  Nowadays, most office spaces are using fit out as a means to inspire in people the values and ethos of their company and to instill a feeling of belonging.

  4. It is important while planning an office fit out to have places which are flexible and can be used for a number of different purposes as and when required. Make sure you have enough of these spaces in your establishment.
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