Kitchen Cabinet Trends in Adelaide

Kitchen_Cabinet_Trends.jpgKitchen cabinets are an essential part of your kitchen, taking care of all your storage needs and being a substantial part of your kitchen’s elegance. Like all décor items, kitchen cabinets have also evolved over time, being subject to changes in practice and different trends. With the evolution of design, material and kitchen styles, cabinets have also seen a lot of change over the years. Current kitchen cabinet trends in Adelaide are focused mostly on the modern aspect of kitchen design. Let us take a closer look at some of these trends and understand how they contribute to both style and functionality.

Simple and Lightweight

The minimalistic clean and bright look is one of the prevalent trends in kitchen cabinets in Adelaide right now. Lightweight cabinets with a preference for white and light colours are fast gaining popularity as they impart a mood of cleanliness and brightness to the kitchen interior.

Utilisation of Space

Old trends did not generally favour complete utilisation of all the available space in a kitchen cabinet. With the new design wave, there is an effort to effectively utilise all the space available, including corners and tight spaces, for different productive purposes. Access options have also been optimised a great deal with the inclusion of effective measures like bread boxes, designated spaced for small items like muffin tins and cookie sheets and easy pullout trays.

Custom-built Drawers

Kitchen cabinet drawers are now designed to get rid of kitchen clutter and keep everything organised. Customised kitchen drawers can be made with compartments of different shapes and sizes to house different items like spoons, knifes, pots and pans.

Floor-to-ceiling Cabinets

The best way to utilise an entire wall space is to install floor-to-ceiling cabinets. These give homeowners a lot of space to play with, which they can creatively use for their storage needs.

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