Ways to Clean Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Ways_to_Clean_Wood_Kitchen_Cabinets.jpgKitchen cabinets are impossible to do without- they take care of all your kitchen storage needs and enhance the open space in your kitchen. The kitchen is one place in your house where you need to store a lot of different things, and the right kitchen cabinets are the perfect way to achieve this. Wooden kitchen cabinets are prone to damage due to the accumulation of dust and grime and due to continued exposure to fumes and steam in the kitchen, and it is important to keep them clean at all times so as to maximize their efficiency and extend their life.

There are many different ways to keep your wooden cabinets clean, and following these few tips will make sure that they stay in shape for years -

  1. Dusting - The most important regular cleaning practice you can use to keep your kitchen cabinets clean is dusting. Dust tends to accumulate on kitchen cabinets, and combined with the heat and steam of the kitchen, can get caked on to the surface and become much more difficult to clean. Use a clean, dry, soft cloth to regularly dust the exterior and interior of all your kitchen cabinets, taking special care to keep the exterior clean.

  2. Polishing - You can periodically polish the wood of your kitchen cabinets to make sure that the wood stays protected and keeps looking good. Use the right kind of wood polishing product, and make sure that you use a clean, dry cloth to apply the polish. Once you are done applying, buff the area by rubbing with a second piece of cloth.

  3. Cleaning soiled surfaces - Use a damp cloth to take care of minor spills and soiled surfaces, and follow with a dry cloth to remove the moisture. In case of nasty spills or heavily soiled surfaces, use a solution of mild soap.
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